Mackenzie Gaul

Santa Muerte

Santa Muerte, the patron saint of “misfits” in Mexican society, is prayed to for safe delivery to the afterlife. Condemned by the Catholic Church, Santa Muerte has now acquired a cult following in Mexico among a group of people who feel outcast from society and have found community thanks to her. Families and friends who have been affected by drug and gang related violence or living in poverty are among some of her most devout supporters. Santa Muerte offers hope and peace.

Santa Muerte Mezcal

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Santa Muerte Mezcal Company specializes in three craft batches of mezcal; blanco, reposado, and a limited release extra anejo. Each are made with 100% organic agave grown in Mexico. A portion of the profits from each purchase goes towards support causes and basic needs for families in Mexico who have lost a loved one to gang violence. 


Art Direction by Paul Sheriff